Helpful was formed out of a desire to be helpful in the face of a global pandemic.  As the needs in facing COVID-19 shift, so does Helpful. This hackathon is designed to address the challenges India and the surrounding region are facing during this outbreak.

Desired Outcomes: Build prototypes to solve the oxygen crises in India. The teams that come up with the best design ideas will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to Helpful for official product and project sponsorship.

 Potential Product Designs

  • Ideally 3D print enabled
    • Avoid shipping difficulty
    • Design that can be printed locally 
    • Allows for design to be changed as needed

  Seed Ideas

  • Flow regulator 
  • Splitter (tube or one combined unit)
  • Cylinder stand
  • Transportation and safety of oxygen delivery


  • Need to be cognizant of local cost
    • Ex. $1 is about 75 rupees
  • Overall cost needs to be below 400 rupees = $5.50 USD
    • To be viable in market space


  • Ideally would not require multiple components
    • Fit for usage and consumption
  • As minimal components as possible
    • Regulator and ventilator (2-3 components) OR one component

Type of 3D Printing

  • More informative as guideline, not really prescriptive
  • Cosmetic appearance 
  • Doesn’t need to be flashy
  • Needs to be more functional
  • Geometry dictated by the design
  • Possibly one design to fit all devices

 All code must be committed to GitHub 

 Target Audience

  • Hospitals


Submissions are due on the last day of the hackathon, June 26 by 5:30 pm UTC, 1:30 pm EDT.

Submissions may take the form of a 3-5 minute video or a link to a slide deck. All code and project files must be committed to Github.

Please include in your submission the names and contact information for team members and also indicate which team members, if any, will be willing to continue on if the project is selected by Helpful as a supported project.

Hackathon Sponsors


Product and Project Sponsorship

Teams that come up with the best design ideas will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to the Helpful organization for official product and project sponsorship."

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:



Robert Read

Charan Venkat

Cathy Ma

Vaibhav Chhabra

Richa Srivastava

Judging Criteria

  • Potential Impact
    Does the project have the potential for positive impact once completed?
  • Technical Feasibility
    Is technology appropriate (safe, meaningful, and cost effective) to solve the problem at hand? Can a prototype be built within 3 (or ) months in order to have a positive impact?
  • Functionality and Meaningfulness
    Will the project solve a real problem related to COVID-19 with urgency and impact? Will the product be easy to use and have all the necessary functionality (to work as a turnkey product or integrate with other products)?
  • Innovation
    Could this product be used as a stepping stone for better products? How does a proposed solution compare with what already exists in the world, and the degree to which a proposed solution introduces new and original ideas that can be built on top of.

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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